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Home Automation Solutions from Control4 to manage and control lighting, climate, shades, thermostats, appliances, security systems, surveillance, multi room audio and video, home cinema and transform your house into a Smart Home.
Audio Visual
Stream a different tune in every room so everyone in the house enjoys their favourite music.
Protect your home and family with Control4 security solutions.
Lighting & Energy
Control your lights, save energy and adjust the temperature of any room from a touchscreen.
Access Control
Control every aspect of your home from your smartphone wherever you are.
Home Cinema
Enjoy your favourite movie from the comfort of your sofa in an adjusted ambient for perfect experience.
Your Smart Home with Control4
Whether you want to update the comfort of your home or business, update the look for resale purposes, improve the function of your home or business, incorporate energy efficiency, provide added security or access and control from anywhere, our services accommodate all. 
Our Services 

       Audio Video

Our smart audio visual system brings your whole family together with the ability to quickly find and play everyone’s favourite music and movies, by streaming Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster, TuneIn, Deezer and TIDAL music services natively from the Control4 controllers without relying on any additional hardware, in any room of your house.

Control4 supports Airplay-enabled devices with ShairBridge so anyone in the house can share and stream his or her music collection from iOS smart phones and tablets, or computers running iTunes, to different zones throughout the home.

Control4 comprehensive audio video systems are your best excuse for a ‘Night In’.


Control the safety of your family and home with our smart, real-time, informative security system which offers a wide range of security integration features designed to keep you better connected with your home, apprised of activity whether you are home or away, all from a touch screen or smart phone.

With integrated motion sensors, contacts and relays, the home security system monitors the activity of doors and windows to keep the system alerted of any unusual motion when you are away or during the night. A slew of communications and deterrent activities can be triggered by calling the security monitoring service, flashing the smart lights at night to alert you and scare away the intruder, sending messages, recording the activity on IP cameras as well as activating an integrated whole home audio system to scare off an unwanted guest.

The automated security system has the capability to remember your every day routines and actions, allowing you to play back while you are away by coordinating lighting, shades, TV entertainment and music streaming to mimic normal household occupancy.

            Lighting and Energy

Control the lights of your home with smart, elegant and accessible wireless lighting control which gives you the ability to fully personalize your lifestyle needs by automatically turning the lights on and off based on events (the time of day, a door opening or room occupancy), as well as setting lighting levels to create a particular mood or manage energy use.

Design your home comfort experience by interactively controlling the climate in your home including temperature, heat/cool set-points, thermostat mode, fan speed and humidity levels. Memorise your favourite settings and activate them with the touch of a button or simply have them take effect automatically on a schedule or when a designated event occurs.

Control4 works with the world’s leading HVAC systems, including forced air, radiant heating, split HVAC, dual fuel and geothermal systems including: Aprilaire, Carrier, Cool Automation, Heatmiser, and Nest.

Regardless of the personal design and usage, Control4 lighting control can be integrated with other automation functions to create a seamless experience that can be activated right from a smart phone or tablet, from virtually anywhere.

Your Smart Home at a touch of a Button
Plan your project

We offer a large range of services for whole home automation which will improve your experience at home and free up your time for hobbies, family or just relaxation. 
Multi Room Audio Video Systems
Home Security Systems
Lighting Control
Audio Video
I would like to
  • listen to music from anywhere in my home or business
  • have multiple people listening to varying music in different rooms at the same time
  • control my music from a touch screen interface
  • stream music directly from my phone throughout my Control4 system
  • access music from the cloud (Rhapsody, TuneIn, Pandora, etc.)
 I would like to
  • control my alarm system through my Control4 system
  • automatically lock and unlock my doors with my security code
  • tied cameras into my Control4 system for secure monitoring and control
  • receive an alert on my phone if my garage door is left opened
  • check on and control my home from anywhere
I would like to
  • turn off all of my lights  with one button press
  • dim my lights automatically when a movie is started
  • control my shades or blinds with my same lighting controls
  • control lights automatically based on time of day
  • control my lights from my smartphone or tablet device
Home Automation Control
Home Theatre
Home Automation Intercom
Home Cinema
I would like to
  • control my thermostat from any device with my Control4 system
  • control my gas fireplace and tie it into my HVAC system
  • put my house into "Vacation" mode with one button, saving me energy while I'm away
  • raise and lower my shades automatically, based on time of day, to conserve energy
  • set my home thermostat to the perfect temperature as I wake up every morning
I would like to
  • control all of my devices with a single remote
  • control other functions in the home (lights, temp, shades, security)
  • control my TV from my smartphone or tablet device
  • pause automatically the TV show/movie if the doorbell rings
  • access media from the cloud to stream movies or TV shows
I would like to
  • communicate with people in different rooms through an intercom
  • see who is at the front door and speak with them over the intercom
  • receive an alert if my house detects a water leak
  • receive an alert when my front door/garage door is opened
  • receive an alert if my smoke detector battery is low
About Us

We are a team of certified Control4 dealers, with vast experience in IT and services, passionate about providing home automation and making sure you have an outstanding experience at home. 

With our comprehensive services you can manage and control lighting, shades, thermostats, appliances, security, surveillance, entertainment systems and so much more.

Personalized and simplified for any lifestyle, home and budget, the systems are modular so you can start where you want and grow as your smart home needs change.

Our experts go through all stages of your project:
  • Onsite Meeting
  • Spec and Quotation
  • Materials and Design
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • After sales and Customer service
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